Friday, May 21, 2010

Dad's Night Out- Drinks and food at Gabriella's

Last night went to a Dad's night out with the NY Dad's Meetup Group at Gabriella's on the Upper West Side.

About 16 of us got together to eat some Mexican food, drink some drinks, talk about our kids, goof off a little, talk about politics, and talk about our kids some more.  (And we went there without our kids- Thank you wives, girlfriends, and partners for your kind forbearance!)  In case you were wondering, which you were probably not, I had the sangria and the steak fajita's.  It was pretty good, but the food and the drink wasn't really the point.

For a stay at home dad like myself, having this network of guys to meet up with and hang out.  That's the point.

Mommy's groups (and I've been to a couple) are a little too cliquey. I always feel that when I leave, they say, "Ah, now the REAL Mommy's group can begin.  Perhaps it's just my own insecurities, but all the moms are a little weird around the one guy in the room, as if my motives were not based on my desire for my kid to meet other kids.

Ladies, some of you may be all THAT, but MILF or not, I'm interested more in my kid than I am in your V.J.J.  Hard to imagine, I know.  I actually already know somebody with one of those, and while my access isn't unfettered, the pathway is much easier, if you dig the shpiel I'm laying on your cake.

My wife wants to know what goes on at our Dad's night, and a little story will explain.

[caption id="attachment_21" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Ruby pulls Max into whatever she wants to do."]Max and Ruby[/caption]

I told one of the Dad's that my kid is really into Max of Max and Ruby.  Can't get enough of it (much to our chagrin, as we really try to limit TV watching, but he will literally cry for an hour at 6 am if we don't watch us some Max.  One of the other dad's did not know Max and Ruby, so a third dad said this:

"I haven't seen the show in a while, but let me try to explain it.  Imagine there are no parents around, except for an occasional kindly Grandma.  Ruby is the older sister- maybe 6 or 7.  Max is a 3 year old who knows a few words.  Ruby is a bossy little bitch who is always telling Max what to do.  The show usually goes like this:  Ruby tells Max no to something he wants.  Max tries to get it, no dice.  Ruby tells him no again.  Max tries again. Ruby tells him no a third time, and Max does it anyway.  Grandma enters at the end and says, "Max that's wonderful!"  Oh yes, and they're rabbits.

That about sums up a Dad's night out-- slightly irreverent stories about what our kids are doing, accompanies by drinking and eating.

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