My name is Adam and I'm a dad.

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Hi there!  My name is Adam and I'm a dad.  I'm the author and chief founder of Dadapalooza.com where I write about culture and food and parenting and having fun and being a dad and books and music and circus and comedy and more culture.  Basically, I write about a lot of the stuff I'm passionate about.  Maybe that's you or your product?

If you are looking at this page because you'd like me to either write on your blog or participate in a campaign, I do participate in paid campaigns and blog ambassadorships from time to time. I'm happy to discuss with you and your people if I'm the right fit.  PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME

If that's not your reason for looking at this page, that's totally fine.  I'm happy to have you find out more about my various projects and read my writing.  Enjoy!

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There's plenty more on the blog.  Please feel free to poke around, or ask me about some other work that you might be looking for. OPEN THE BLOG IN A NEW PAGE

It's okay by me, but when in Chicago...
I do what they say or risk being ostracized.
• I've got one child, who as of December 2022 is 14 going on 23.

• I've got one wife who is perpetually 29.

• I recently moved to Spain..  Before that, I lived in  Chicago, IL and before that Yonkers NY.  I'm originally from Providence, RI, which means I'm a big fan of Sicilian style pizza.  I don't care what they say, stuffed pizza is really a calzone.  And ketchup on a hot dog is okay with me (but I'm willing to not risk the ire of those around me.  Besides, I'm a big fan of the sport pepper!)

• I've been sharing online stories since 1991 (!) when I joined the first Virtual community THE WELL. I'm still a member, and I am still the host of the theatre conference there.

• Over the years, I've had a number of blogs, and I still maintain some of them sporadically, but most of my blog energy these days is right here.

• My wedding and marriage have been featured in the NY Times twice!
#1: Vows Column!     #2:  Three Years Later

• One of my shows has been a question on Celebrity Jeopardy!


I'm a professional clown by training, and still occasionally ply my red-nosed craft, performing some of my original shows when and where it makes sense.  I've performed in 37 states and 5 countries.

Since I became a dad, it doesn't make sense for me to tour like I used to, so I've cut way back on performing.  I've also worked as an actor, mostly in the theatre. I love to perform, and would like to figure out how to do more without sacrificing my family life.

 http://www.trainedfleas.com   http://www.acmeclown.com

You can see a recent article about my work on the Smithsonian website:

I've been reading sonnets online. 
 I've had the thought for years to work on a website called The Daily Sonnet, and since Covid hit, I've started doing it! I've been reading short quick poems on the internet for a few months now.   I've got over 40 episodes!  I've read sonnets by Shakespeare, Cummings, Spencer, Browning, and a few other people.  Who knows, I might even be bringing back the sonnet as an art form!  http://www.thedailysonnet.com

I ran a non-profit arts organization/New Year's Eve Festival for almost 10 years, including producing fireworks displays, and lots and lots of performances (we would typically produce over 55 shows involving over 150 performers in 13 venues over one night). I'm pretty good at logistics. http://www.brightnight.org

My wife and I started a conference for Teen/Pre-Teen Bloggers and their families.  We were a little ahead of our time, and had a faulty financial model, but the 450 or so families that came to the two conferences loved it, it had great content, and even the sponsors loved it.  We just couldn't figure out how to make enough money to make the risk worth it.  Right now the conference is on the shelf.  If you want to help fund it or bring it back to life, I'm all ears!  http://www.digitalfamilysummit.com

I co-published/wrote a book about Rhode Island (my former home state): Sold all 4000 copies of the book, was sold in 84 stores around the state, and made a couple of local best-sellers lists. I'm both glad and sad to say that at this point we probably won't reprint.  It's a leap of faith to publish a book, and while we were super proud of it, I no longer live in Rhode Island, so sales would be much more difficult. Still thinking about other book ideas though!  http://www.riatoz.com

I helped found the Modern Dads Podcast, and was a co-host on the first fifteen episodes or so.  Once I realized I was moving from NY, I really didn't have time in my schedule, and I was replaced.  I liked podcasting, and I have dreams of starting my own podcast in my copious free time.

I could probably list about 3-10 more projects that I was integrally or peripherally involved with.  But that's more than enough for you to get the sense of me.

If you'd like to discuss a project  PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME