Saturday, August 7, 2010

The sunshine of my son.

Two mornings ago, I had what I call "The Mommy Moment"

It was morning, and the boy had woken up a little later than normal, but still relatively early.  I went and got him as I usually do, changed his diaper, and then rewarded him (and us) by bringing him into bed for a little cuddling.

My wife woke up, and there was a little cuddling with all three of us.  And then, for some unknown reason, the boy started to cry.  (He's just shy of two, and he's been getting very moody lately.)

Normally in this situation, he wants his mom, and his dad just won't do.  Which is fine by me,  I understand.  It hurt a little the first few times, but he's a kid, he's capricious, and doesn't really know what he wants.  I can handle it.

This time however, it was exactly opposite.  He wanted me!  And sadly for my wife, she got to feel that weird sense of rejection when your kid basically disavows you and doesn't let you help him because he wants someone else.

I think that she took it in pretty good stride, but I know from my own personal experience that it can sting.  What I didn't know (oh I think I did, but it wasn't crystalline to me) is that it feels GREAT when your kid wants YOU, YOU, and nobody else but you.  Maybe it's a slightly competitive thing, maybe it's the satisfaction that one gets when one fits in perfectly.

I'm sure he'll become a momma's boy again, and I'll be left on the outside looking in again, but I really enjoyed my little moment in the sunshine of my son.

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