Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The New Victory on Saturday to see Some Handsome Little Devils

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On Saturday I took the family to the New Victory Theater to see the Handsome Little Devils in the Squirm Burpee Circus.  My complete review of the show is over on my clown blog (If you choose not to read it, let me assure you that the show was great, and my 2 year old loved it (although admittedly, he's got some circus blood coursing through his veins.)

But I want to point out that not only is that show great, but the theatre itself is great. (I should also disclose (as I do in the review) that I received complimentary tickets to review the show.  I promise you that if I didn't like the theatre, I wouldn't write about it.)

The New Victory is a rehabbed theatre  with plenty of history. (Read the Wikipedia article for more) Rehabbed in 1990, it  specifically makes a point of providing world-class entertainment for kids.  Shows are affordable, they are wonderful, and from soup to nuts- the theatre gets that you are bringing a kid to the show.

For example, during the pre-show there are plenty of ushers handing out booster seats to make sure that your kid can actually see if he's smaller than the average bear (which mine is, at least so far) They also offer lots of weekend workshops for budding thespians to try stuff out.

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As well, if you bring your kid in (no matter their age) you must have a ticket and seat for them  Now, I know, you bargain loving parents might think that I'm crazy for counting this as a positive.  But listen, not only does this make sense from a fire code perspective (God forbid there's a fire there, they need to know exactly how many people are in the theatre) but it makes sense from a parenting perspective.  Bringing a baby to a show is not something you should consider lightly.   If your kid is inappropriate for a show, you probably shouldn't bring them.  And one way to deter that is to charge admission.  It works out better for EVERYONE involved. (I know of at least one theatre that bans kids under a certain age for certain shows-- and while I don't agree with going that far (after all, if I want to bring my kid to see something, and I think it's appropriate, that should be enough)

[caption id="attachment_205" align="alignleft" width="280" caption="The exterior of the theatre (located at 42nd & 7nth Avenue in Times Square)"][/caption]

At any rate, if you haven't been, you should see the Squirm Burpee Circus, as it's really great.  But even if your kid doesn't like circus, check out the theater itself, as he or she is bound to like something they present.  I know I want to bring my kid to MOST of the stuff they present.

Have you seen a show at the New Victory?  Tell me what you thought about the theatre experience itself in the comments.

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