Sunday, January 30, 2011

Making Pirate Cupcakes

Aaron has been enjoying our baking times together (mostly licking the bowl while making a brownie mix, of course) so we decided to expand our horizons a little.  Cupcakes!

In the interest of disclosure, we were given this very cool Sassafras Enterprises Pirate Cupcake Set to try out.  Our highly placed sources assured us that our bear would enjoy the process of cupcake baking, and we should write about it only if we wanted to.  Which of course we did.  He had a great time!  (And if you don't have a pirate-loving daughter, they have a Princess Cupcake Kit also! Plus lots of other great stuff for kids.  Check out their website for their full line of items.  Not just baking kits but toys and other items.  Maybe we'll review one of their musical products in a future blog post!

We (shameful us) didn't have a cupcake pan, but fortunately about 5 years ago I had bought as a novelty item some silly feet cupcake guys When I bought them, my wife decried them, but I got to hear the very precious, "Yes, honey, saving these things for 5 years was the right decision."  See, being a packrat has its advantages! (although I prefer the term "prodigious and far-sighted collector")

The pirate mix was easy to make, and comes with a very cool pirate eyepatch and little pirate flags that say Argh.  AA had a blast, and kept on saying "Yo Ho Ho" while wearing his eyepatch and jumping up and down.  He was also very impressed when the water gets added to the frosting and the white turns blue.  Maybe he's a future pirate chemist?

Pirate CupcakeThe mix made 6 cupcakes, with some frosting left over to lick, so we had a great time, and we still have a bunch of cupcakes.  And an eyepatch.

He had a great time, and very much enjoyed his baking time.  I made a little iphoto slideshow of the experience (Sorry, no pirate music.  My new computer doesn't have any music on it yet)



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