Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy weekend: Circus InCognitus & Snow White

We had a busy weekend for bears.  Saturday we went to go see a show at the New Victory called Circus Incognitus, and on Sunday we saw (most of) Snow White at the Riverdale Y.  Both of these were "Daddy and Bear" events, as mom was busy working on proposals and work for her business.  Also, the in-laws were in town, so we went out to some pretty nice dinners!

Saturday morning we drove in to the city and used a $12 parking coupon to go in and see Jamie Adkin's show Circus Incognitus. It was great fun!  (FULL DISCLOSURE: I received free tickets from the New Victory in hopes that I would write about it.)  As I only write about things I like, I'm happy to highly recommend this show to any and all.

Jamie is a former performer with The Pickle Family Circus and Cirque Eloize who currently lives in Montreal.  His wife is his stage manager and photographer, and they have a 10 month old daughter named Penelope (pictured right)  I like that he travels around with his family performing.  Not sure my wife would agree to that (but she's not an artist, and we are in a very different situation)  Still, a guy can dream, can't he?  :O)

Jamie is a dynamite performer who combines acrobatics, juggling, balancing, and clowning to create a delightful show.  Particularly great was a routine where he encouraged people to throw fruit at him (and he caught it on a metal fork in his mouth!  Also very nice was his slack rope walking and balancing ladder act.  The show went by very quickly (I wanted it to be longer, which is a great thing for a solo show)

Aaron was pretty entranced all the way through, as were the kids sitting behind and around us.  (And behind us was an Australian couple with three kids who were marvelling at the New Victory.  I talked to them a little, and very quickly it turned out that we had a friend in common-- Rachel Kramer, who had moved to Australia!  It is a small world)

After that we went to the Heartland Brewery where AA liked the chocolate stout, but didn't like the pale ales.  Well, that's what I told my wife-- in reality he had a great time feeding me french fries dipped in ketchup (but not eating them himself)  Later that evening we ended up at a great restaurant in the Arthur Avenue section of the Bronx called Enzo's.  Fantastic food, and we shall return.  They had an amazing olive bread!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="click to see Snow White on Amazon"]snow white[/caption]

The next day we went to a 10:30 showing at the Riverdale Y of Snow White.  Great movie, that I hadn't seen in a long time.  He enjoyed it, and was very interested in the dwarves, and not too scared of the very wicked queen, but got tired around 11:30 or so, so we left and hightailed it back home for a nap, and some play, and then a foray into the city again to pick up the grandparents for a dinner at the Shake Shack.  Except that they were too crowded, so we ended up at Ben Ash Deli.  We hadn't read the reviews, and although the food was big and okay, I don't think we'll be back there anytime soon.

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