Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dealing with sickness and aftermath.

[caption id="attachment_237" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Projectile vomiting is NOT a spectator sport"][/caption]

AA had his first real episode of being sick on Friday. (Considering he's 2.5, that's not so bad!) He came home from school, and he seemed a little sluggish. He told my wife that his shirt hurt, and she thought he meant that it was a little too tight. They were sitting together when he suddenly projectile vomited.

He then proceeded to projectile vomit about 9 more times-- every 20-30 minutes for the next 6 hours, and then a couple of times on the hour until there was absolutely nothing left. He wasn’t running a fever, just a bad stomach.  Hard to get him to keep the bucket in front of him, and we must have changed his clothes about 6 times.

The next day it was really difficult to get him to eat toast and mild foods-- he was agitating for chocolate milk, which I suppose was a good sign. But somehow we persevered, which is a good thing, because on Saturday night, S started projectile vomiting.

Just in case it was catching, I slept downstairs, which may have been a bad move politically (S felt abandoned she told me later) although I completely was up and down the stairs with whatever she needed. And the next day AA was feeling better, so I took him out for most of the day so she could get some sleep.

They both recovered within one day, although both of them have been missing their appetite. More worried about AA, as he is such a picky eater to start with. Suddenly, he doesn’t like gummy snacks, he doesn’t like cereal, he doesn’t want pancakes with chocolate on them-- I’m getting a little worried. His diaper is wet, he’s got poo, so I’m sure he’ll eat eventually. But when. But when?

Surprisingly, I did not come down with the stomach bug (knock wood) although I had been feeling wonky a few nights before (but no projectile vomiting) Weirdly, I’m the only one of us without a flu shot!

AA seems back to his old self, although he’s markedly more tired than he used to be. I know that vomiting is pretty tiring, but 3 days later?  If it continues to persist-- I might call the doctor jsut to check in.

He might also be going through a growth spurt.

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