Monday, November 14, 2011

Diwali and Untapped: Remarkable places to sleep.

We went to 2 wonderful (and relatively loud) places this weekend, and my son managed to take a nap at both of them.

[caption id="attachment_448" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="Asleep (couldn't find one of him without a binky, which he's since given up)"][/caption]

I'm not bragging-- he's usually not a great napper, and it's only in the last few months that he's really gotten the hang of going to sleep all night and waking up at a relatively decent 6:30 am.  (And even if he wakes up earlier, we've trained him (sort of) to stay in bed until his clock turns green  (I thought I wrote about it here, but can't find the post-- I'll have to write about it, as it is a gadget that's really done the trick.)


[caption id="" align="alignright" width="144" caption="The view from the Diwali Feast, 11/12/11"]Made from Bamboo, and fixed with starch, threa...

The first place we went to was a Diwali feast.  Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights, and this was the first celebration that we attended.  It was at the house of social media expert and pundit sree sreenivasan and his lovely wife Roopah (sree lives the lowercase, but I'm not sure that Roopah is)  Sree is a colleague of my wife in the social media "space" -- ooh, jargon!

  Their  apartment was beautiful, with a great view of the Hudson.  There were also about a million people there.  We got there around 12 noon, and in the car AA had fallen asleep.  A little bit earlier than his usual nap-- 1:30-2, but hey it happens.  We wheeled him up to the 28th floor in the elevator, took off our shoes, and brought him into the party.
Diwali Feast[/caption]

While the apartment was spacious, it wasn't particularly large-- and there were about 50 people crowded in, chatting about all kinds of stuff in a variety of languages, and eating some amazing food. He managed to sleep through a good hour of that before waking up.  He barely ate anything after he woke, and since he's such a notoriously bad eater, we weren't surprised.

After the feast (it went on all night, but we had to go, as the bear was getting antsy-- I think S and I would have happily stayed there all night),  we went to a park to play, and then a children's Havdalah service at a synagogue in White Plains that we are interested in possibly joining.  He didn't sleep at either of those, and ate a fair amount of animal crackers, cookies, and grapes.

Having attended a Hindi Diwali feast and a Jewish Havdallah service, I thought we should go give our confessions at a local Catholic church, but in the end, we decided not to press our luck.

[caption id="attachment_446" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Scenes from Raw Metal's Untapped."][/caption]

The next day, AA and I made another excursion into the city to the New Victory theatre to see Australian tapdancers perform a hip/hop concert.  The show, called UnTapped, by the Raw Metal Dance Company, was really great, and very loud.  5 dancers, 3 musicians, and Dr. Rhythm, a human beatbox.  That didn't seem to deter the boy from nodding off.  He caught the first 15 minutes, and the last 5 minutes, and loved what he saw.  Sadly, he missed a top-notch 55 minutes, full of precision, comedy, and even some audience participation. READ MY FULL REVIEW HERE.

So somehow this kid is needing and getting his sleep, even in some very trying and loud conditions.

Maybe he's in a growth spurt?
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