Monday, February 27, 2012

A week of activities, playdates, museums, and fun stuff.

My 3 year old son was off from his pre-k school this past week, so we planned a whole week of activities and fun times.  My wife left early Thursday morning for a conference (BLISSDOM) so it was extra important we do a lot of fun things.

In the interest of archiving (and also maybe some of you out there would either like these ideas, or would like to add your ideas, I've compiled our activities below.  Two activities we didn't do, but had wanted to was go swimming and conduct a taste test, in which I plan to blindfold him and let him taste a number of foods to see if he can guess what they are.  He's a picky eater, so I'm hoping that by filling him with lots of good stuff, we can get him to try new things.

Here's what we did do:

• Watched the Incredibles.
• Painted a Bank
• Made Brownies
• Practiced Letters ( a few times)
• Went to the Dentist
• Went to the supermarket
• Went to a bank
• Saw two movies in theatres (Arriety, which he mostly did well with, and Babe, which he loved)
• Went to a petting zoo.
• Rode his bike at the playground
• Went to a playground
• Stayed home in our pajamas
• Made music
• Made art projects
• Went to the Planetarium
• Went to the Hall of Science
• Went to Target and got a new toy.
• Had 4 playdates! (2 were at the museums listed above.)

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