Thursday, May 10, 2012


Game playing was an important part of my growing up.
My dad was a professional grand master Bridge player, and he taught us to play the classics:  Checkers, Othello, Gin, Cribbage, Hi Lo Jack, and backgammon.  (Strangely, he didn't like chess.  I learned to play and loved it, but that wasn't a game he played with us growing up)

Some of my fondest memories of my dad are those in which he's explaining the intricacies of a cribbage or backgammon move to me, or rolling 6's three times in a row, or having to blow on the dice to keep them lucky for him.

Not sure how my son discovered checkers, but AA had a hankering to learn how to play (and he wants to learn to play chess too! )  Bring it on!

We went to the store the other day, and couldn't find a good beginners checkers game.  (Not sure where my nice all in one set, is but I don't think I ever played checkers with it.)  

We're going to master checkers, and then move on to chess!

This is one of the joys of being a dad-- introducing your kid to the things you love!

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