Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DAD 2.0 is less than 24 hours away!

I'm very excited to be hanging out this weekend with a coterie of the top Dads in the country.  Most of them are bloggers, and once a year they (we) gather at Dad 2.0 to chat, cajole, meet with brands who are interested in the dad space, and learn to be better people.  And if the companies have schwag, well... you know, we follow the path of least ethical resistance.  (I'm bringing an extra bag!)

The weekend is now officially sold out.  It's in Houston, and I'm travelling sans wife and kid (last year, I was there with them, and I think I will officially have a different experience.  More in the hang out and schmooze kind of way.

Anyway, you can count on a couple of dispatches next week about my experience at Dad 2.0.  And if you are interested in the short term, you can follow the twitter hashtag #dad2summit for all of the details and round the clock excitement.

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