Thursday, January 24, 2013

The First Flush Celebration Times Square Takeover.

Potty life is a big portion of growing up, what with potty training, potty humor, accidents, and the length of time it takes to be fully potty-trained (AA recently celebrated his first underwear sleeping, he's been going about 2 weeks with no accidents, and no Pull-ups!  He's been toilet trained a lot longer than that. )
Pull-Ups is in the groove here. Pull-Ups Training Pants is hosting  The First Flush Celebration Times Square Takeover. This is part of their First Flush Program.   This Tuesday, January 29th from 11:00 AM EST – 5:00 PM EST Pull-Ups is setting up a celebration in Times Square to give local dads (& moms) and tots the opportunity to experience a larger than life potty training celebration to help get them excited to start or progress with potty training. Look at some of the surprises they have planned:
  • A Digital billboard that lights up with photos of toddlers submitted by parents across America
  • An oversized potty that parents and tots can “flush” – when flushed, they will activate the Digital Billboard in a celebration of images including confetti, balloons, and more
  • Performers who spring to life when the potty is flushed, dancing and creating an atmosphere of celebration
  • A Pull-Ups tent where dads (all parents) and tots can chat with the members of the Pull-Ups family, be photographed for a digital memento, enjoy hot chocolate, and learn about Pull-Ups new 3D interactive experience for tablets and smartphones.  Some product will be on hand as well.
  • Check out the Pull-Ups Facebook page to submit First Flush Celebration photos of your own and enter for a chance to win their grand prize: A family getaway to Disney World!
Here's a video/commercial of a super crazy First Flush event in a quiet neighborhood.  It's pretty funny!  (and clearly a little staged-- I mean, what if he didn't flush that day!  But still, hilarious concept!)

I got an invite to attend from the NYC Dads Group, but looking around, it looks like the event is also open to the public.  

If it's not too cold, we might show up!

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