Monday, April 15, 2013

Adventures With Ezra Jack Keats at Tada Theatre! April 20-May 19

I've recently become the Arts and Cultural Organizer/Coordinator for the NYC Dads Group.

 It's a group that I've belonged to for four years, and it's a great group of guys with over 750 member dads who get together two or three times a week. (Sometimes even more!)  I'll be helping to organize cultural activities for Dads to attend.

 (So if you are a cultural organization, and you'd like to get involved with a bunch of great dads, you should contact me!)

The first event I'm organizing is an outing to TADA! Theatre. Since 1984, TADA! has been creating high-quality musical theater productions performed by talented kids for family audiences while at the same time providing kids with the opportunity to harness their inherent energy, build their self-assurance and realize their true potential through the unique collaborative art form that is musical theater. Through TADA!'s high-quality work, young people gain confidence and learn commitment, responsibility, communication and teamwork...skills that are critical to their success both in school and in life.

Kids from TADA! perform in
Adventures With Ezra Jack Keats!
TADA! has been awarded with a Drama Desk award for their unique contribution to NY Theatre (they are the only Youth Theatre to have won that award.)

The show we are going to see is ADVENTURES WITH EZRA JACK KEATS.   The show consists of two original musicals based on the works of beloved children's illustrator and author Ezra Jack Keats.
In case you don't know, Keats is the author of a number of classic kids books, most memorably THE SNOWY DAY.

All shows at TADA! are performed by kids for family audiences.  (They are usually written and directed by professional musicians and directors)

Apt. 3 is a dance theater piece where the sound of a saxophone music somewhere behind closed doors sends Sam and Ben snooping through their tenement halls. There is also an adult character played by Brad Landers.

Who: TADA! Youth Theater

What: Adventures from Ezra Jack Keats:

Where: 15 West 28th Street 2nd floor

When: Weekend matinees April 19-May 19

How:, or call 212-252-1619 x5
Part two is Maggie and the Pirate, the story of Maggie, her friends, her sister, her pet cricket and a pirate. Maggie’s pet cricket has gone missing and all that is left is a note saying: “THE PIRATE WAS HERE!” A wild adventure ensues.

Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays 2pm and 4pm April 19th - May 19th.
Running Time: 1 hour with a small pause in between the two pieces.

We are collaborating with TADA! and have a special ticket deal running for Dads in the dads group.  If you want to know more, you should join our meetup group!


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