Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Latest Modern Dad Podcast: Minimalist Parenting with Asha Dornfest and Dads Deal with Depression and Suicide.

Podcast Episode 2: Minimalist Parenting with Asha Dornfest and Dads Dealing with Depression


Our second podcast is out!

 In this month's podcast, Matt Schneider of the NYC Dad's Group and I (along with Josh Kross, our sound engineer-Lance Somerfeld of NYC Dad's Group normally joins us also, but he couldn't make this one) talk about depression in the wake of the tragic suicide of dad and blogger Mark Block. Mark was a single-dad of two children and a dad blogger, who suffered with depression and recently took his own life.

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We also chat with Parenthacks blogger Asha Dornfest to talk about her new book, Minimalist Parenting, Enjoy Life More By Doing Less. We discuss several tools and strategies for managing time, de-cluttering our homes, simplifying mealtimes, streamlining recreation, and prioritizing time for ourselves and our relationships.

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 See the NYC Dad's blog about this podcast: http://www.nycdadsgroup.com/2013/05/podcast-episode-2-minimalist-parenting.html


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