Friday, June 14, 2013

First thoughts as a father

Over at Babble, Charlie Capen has a very nice set of responses from over 26 dads on what their first thoughts were when they saw their child.  I missed the deadline to be asked, but thought I'd answer the question anyway.  (Hey, it's my blog)

Here's the question:

What was the first thing you thought when you saw your child/children for the first time?

And here's my answer:

I think I thought  the same thing that I had been thinking 9 months before, on his conception:

"Oh my GOD,... Oh MY GOD.  OH MY GOD!!!!  [pause] We just made a baby!"

During those first few minutes, I somehow managed to record with my flip, the first few minutes of my son's life.  Looking at it now, I am so nervous, I am trying to crack jokes and not really succeeding.

If dirty messy babies aren't your thing, you might not want to watch this.

Happy Father's Day everyone!  The end result of your wife's pregnancy looks a little like this:

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