Monday, November 11, 2013

MOVEMBER DAY 11-Veteran's Day Edition

My Mo grows apace.  I thought I'd be posting everyday, but somehow I managed to not post for one full week.  Life is like that (Insert Forest Gump monologue here)

I thought I'd be channeling my inner Hell's Angel, but apparently I'm channelling my inner Morgan Spurlock.

Considering this is 11 days (plus another couple of day's non-shaving growth) I think it's pretty good.  It's actually looking like a moustache.

And in case you were wondering who the hell Morgan Spurlock is, here's his picture.  He's a documentarian and film maker who made the masterpiece documentary Supersize Me, and the latest documentary about British supergroup One Direction.

Here's his full Wikipedia entry:

And here is his website:

And if you haven't seen Supersize Me, I highly recommend it!

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