Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why I MO

My Story of Why I Mo (along with some other fine dad's in my NY Dad's Group)

In case you have an aversion to seeing other people's stories, here's what I wrote.  But the other one's are good also!

 Adam Gertsacov -- Dadapalooza, NYC Dads Group 
(Note from Adam: As you read this, please listen to the Joe Jackson version of Louis Jordan's late 40's hit “Five Guys Named Moe.”)

This is my third year participating in Movember. I do it to help people and to raise awareness about men's health issues. I do it to help support and be part of the community of dads and bloggers and friends that are all doing it together. And I do it because it happens to be something that I am pretty good at!

Channeling my inner Gene Challit
As a young character actor, I think I went through a run of 10 or 12 plays where I had different configurations of facial hair. I used to joke around with some of the other actors that my resume should list “facial hair” as a special skill. My friends joked that my facial hair should have its own agent (and would probably get more gigs). Facial hair grows quickly on me, and looks pretty OK. I'm not saying I'm an Olympic moustachian but it comes naturally to me. Maybe I'd get a bronze.

I'm not a very good runner, and I don't want to touch a truck for 75 hours, and going door to door asking for signatures is not really my thing. But when I realized I could raise money to kick cancer's ass, raise awareness about men's health issues, and do all that by doing something that comes pretty naturally -- well, woo friggin' hoo!

Now I just can't wait for somebody to invent Pie-ly, when I eat a pie a day to raise awareness for ... well, hmmm ... I haven't thought this through yet. But there's got to be something!

 Give to Adam's MO.

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