Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"We are seahorses"

Male seahorsees are pouch brooders
Male seahorsees are pouch brooders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My son is 5 and loves to take the stuff he is learning in kindergarten and apply it to the everday world around him.  He's creating a worldview, figuring it out, and loves to show off his thinking.

The other day we had a conversation sort of like this:

AA:  Hey Dad, did you know that daddy seahorses can have babies?

ME: Really?

AA: Yes, they get a baby in their tummy.  They are the only animals where boys can have babies.

ME: And what happens after they have  a baby?

AA: The daddy takes care of the baby seahorse.

ME: And what does the mommy do?

AA: She goes out and hunts for food.

[short silence, then excited]

AA:  Hey Dad!

ME: What?

AA: We are Seahorses!
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