Saturday, February 8, 2014

Everyday Olympics

The Winter Olympics have just started, and my son is completely obsessed with them.  So far, we've watched a lot of snowboarding, the entire opening ceremonies (pretty tired, but he made it
Cropped transparent version of Image:Olympic f...
Cropped transparent version of Image:Olympic flag.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 all the way through) and a few other interesting sports.  He's very interested in the figure skating. (He's currently taking skating at our local ice rink, and he already takes tap...  Easy to imagine the two together.

He's an imaginative only child, so he spends a fair amount of time pretending stuff.  Lately he's built both a bobsled and a luge out of cardboard, and he practices time trials in the living room  (Weirdly, he's included some Ninjago mythology into the Olympic stuff, so there's a weird butt-kicking evil killing vibe to his Olympic practice, which if you think about it, is eerily similar to Sochi.

The boy with his bobsled and luge.  Notice the cool Olympic style shades
("Every athlete needs shades, Dad! The snow is bright!")
He's always been a bit of a slowpoke at getting ready, so I had kind of an ingenious idea (that should have occurred to me a long time ago)  I'm timing his everyday "events"  (getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc.) to see if he "qualifies" for the team.   At some point, I suppose we'll have to further it along to the Olympics, and he can set some "world records" and win some medals. More importantly, he's getting used to the idea that changing from pajamas to clothes can take under 20 minutes.  So it's a win/win.

What kind of "Olympics" are you going to enter your kids into? Any ideas for cool prizes?  I'm all ears in the comments!
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