Friday, June 13, 2014

Dads Raise Barns: In which dad bloggers help one of our own.

Oren & his kids
One of my dad blogging friends, Oren Miller, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

As he writes eloquently and beautifully on his blog Blogger Father.

" People in my condition have about a year to live on average, and treatment is now limited to making the next year more bearable. There are other options that may be discussed later, including experimental treatments, and I'm staying optimistic, but frankly, I think I know where I stand."

I encourage you to read the whole blog post, as it is wonderful, but please get some kleenex ahead of time. I've cried both times I've read it, and I expect the next time I will cry also.

Oren is the founder of one of the largest Dad Blogger communities on Facebook. A bunch of those guys are raising money for him and his family to spend quality time together. I'm one of those guys.

Below you will see a donation opportunity from Give It Forward.

Even a small donation will help a very deserving family. Even if you don't know him, please consider donating a couple of cups of coffee worth.
I assure you, he is deserving.

Thank you!

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