Monday, September 8, 2014

We've Moved to Chicago!

You wouldn't know it from this blog-- but we've moved around 1500 miles away.  Well, you might know it, due to a paucity of blog posts.  I apologize for that.  The next couple of months are going to be pretty rough as well.  I've got to remake all my culture connections!

When I tell people I've recently moved from New York, they typically ask "Why?"  Here's My wife grew up in Evanston, IL, and like the noble salmon, has been itching to return to her spawning grounds.  And as the spouse of a salmon, it's my job to move along.  (pause) I just hope she's not a lemming!

Seriously, her entire family is around here.  Dad, sister, aunt, grandmother, cousins, and her brother from L.A. simultaneously decided to move as well.  My family are kind of far-flung, including NY, Rhode Island, and Bogota.  Salmon indeed!

The moving process was awful, as was the moving debacle/company, but that's grist for a different mill, Hello Yelp!  But so far, Chicago is great.  And I really like our neighborhood.  (We're living in Edgewater, in the North of the city.  We're close to the beach, to the El, and to a bunch of great looking restaurants.  I will have to try them all!

However, I am dreading the winter.

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