Friday, January 23, 2015

Busy Culture Weekend: Selfish Giant, Lookingglass Alice, and Puppets Puppets Puppets

This is going to be a very big cultural weekend in our household (not that every weekend we don't try for something cultural.  After all last week we were at the opera!)

Friday (that's today!) my son is doing his big show at school.  Once a year, every grade at  Walt Disney Magnet School puts together a grade-wide show that incorporates art, technology, theatre, and myriad other curriculum based activities into a 45 minute show performed by the whole class.  It's broken up into pods (there are approximately 7 classes of each grade, so it's about 220 kids per grade) And they do a song and dance and a segment of the show.

 Last week, I helped choreograph a clown chase sequence for a film as part of it.  Chaotic, but awesome.

His K class is doing a piece on how technology helps us find things.  Many of the class play detectives searching for a missing dog. And my son is lead detective!  Detective Ace! (which means he has one or two lines more than any other kid, and gets to wear an actual microphone on his face)  As I said, awesome!

Blair Thomas & Co's The Selfish Giant
After reveling in his performance, after school is our weekly
skating class, and then it's a quick ride over to the Chicago Children's Theatre for the opening night of The Selfish Giant by Blair Thomas & Co.  It's part of the International Puppet Theatre Festival that's going on this weekend   (More info here)

The next day, while AA goes to a friends birthday party, I'll be attending a cool Puppet Symposium as part of the festival.  And then late night, attend an adult only Puppet Slam  called Nasty, Brutish, and Short, which is the last large event of the Puppetry Festival.

The next day, the whole family will venture on over to the Lookingglass Theatre to see their much acclaimed Lookingglass Alice.   This is supposed to be a wonderful show, and looking at the photos (below) , I am sure that it will be!  It's billed as a circus infused playground from which to experience the Alice characters.  I am very much looking forward to this show.  More info about tickets and times for Lookingglass Alice here.
Lookingglass Alice
Lookingglass Alice
Lookingglass Alice
After all that, I think we'll collapse in a heap.  But it will be totally worth it!

Read just one of the many stellar reviews of  Looking Glass Alice: The Chicago Tribune review 

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