Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hulu Acquires Doc McStuffin, Bunnytown, and Handy Manny. Much screentime ensues!

Doc McStuffin packing up bags, and moving
their video on demand exclusively to Hulu.  

My child is just at the cusp of being too old, but if your kid is in the right age reference, this is BIG NEWS!  And a good reason to subscribe (or keep subscribing to Hulu!)

We do subscribe to Hulu, primarily because it has a lot of newer shows that we missed, and it carried the Israeli show Srugim (DVDs available on Amazon), which my wife became addicted to.

In the announcement below, they also have acquired Bunnytown (I don't know it, but it looks cute,) and Handy Manny, which I have to say is a great show for problem-solving.

My son loved Doc McStuffin also, which was about healing cute toy animals and a little problem solving.

Overall, this seems like a good idea for Hulu, especially keeping it away from Amazon/Netflix.

For parents, the hard thing as always, is figuring out how to limit screen time when there's so many good things to watch.

Of course, you could always limit screentime by buying stuff on DVD, but that's not nearly as convenient.

Hulu Becomes the Exclusive SVOD Home to Emmy®-Nominated Doc McStuffins in Their First-Time Licensing Agreement for Content from Disney Junior

Hulu to Also Gain Streaming Rights to Disney Junior Titles Handy Manny and Bunnytown

SANTA MONICA, CA (March 03, 2015) – Hulu and the Disney-ABC Television Group today announced a new agreement that grants Hulu the exclusive subscription video on-demand rights to the Disney Junior acclaimed animated series Doc McStuffins and Bunnytown, as well as the non-exclusive streaming rights to all episodes of Handy Manny. The agreement will bring Disney Junior content to the Hulu subscription service for the first time and all titles will be made available to stream commercial-free within the Kids section of Hulu.

The new licensing agreement will make Hulu the exclusive subscription streaming home to all episodes of Disney Junior’s hit series Doc McStuffins. Beginning this spring, all episodes from the first season of the series will be available to stream to Hulu subscribers. Subsequent seasons will be made available to Hulu subscribers after the last episode of each season airs. 

All episodes of Disney Junior’s Handy Manny and Bunnytown will available to stream commercial-free on the Hulu subscription service through the multi-year agreement. Hulu has licensed exclusive subscription streaming rights to Bunnytown and all seasons of Handy Manny non-exclusively, making even more premium titles from the Disney-ABC Television Group available to stream for the first time on Hulu.

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