Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Man With The Yellow Hat is a TERRIBLE parent

From The Complete Adventures of Curious George
I've always thought that parents from classic children's books are in general, terrible.  Especially the books that end up as television shows.

Max and Ruby's parents are apparently non-existent.  Their friends have pretty good parents, but the only parental figure you ever see that belongs to Max and Ruby is their over indulgent grandma, who loads the kids up on sugar, let's them take public transportation by themselves,  and let's Max drive her car.  Well, there is the creepy Brownie leader, but let's leave her for another day.

Charlie Brown's parents speak in an unintelligible mumble, and also seem to be primarily absent as their child goes through some heartbreaking activities, sure to employ a barrage of therapists as an adult (and believe me, it will cost a lot more than 5¢!)

And the Simpson's-- well, never mind. You get the point.

And then we come to Curious George, who must set some kind of record as a negligent parent.  Every book/episode, he leaves his monkey/kid alone, telling him not to get into trouble.  Where does he go?  What does he do?  Is he a drug dealer?  Sex addict?  Or just the worst parent ever?

Well, A stay-at-home-dad had a brilliant idea, to create a blog as if The Man with the Yellow Hat was a dad blogger.  He tells the stories of his gross ineptitude as a parent, but from his point of view, he's a great parent. The blog has just started out, but so far it's HILARIOUS.

Here's him on George (dubbed Geo) and how he got him.

I'd had some friends who had done adoptions so I knew the kind of struggles that could entail. Luckily I found a region that was eager to facilitate a quick adoption. I don't want to share too much about where that was, but it was a poorer less developed part of the world. So much so that air travel there wasn't an option, so I went by ship. 
From The Complete Adventures of Curious George
When I arrived I found Geo happily playing in a tree. He was wary of me of course, but that's expected. To tell the truth I don't know if he'd ever seen a white person before. I had done some reading and I knew that I could get him to feel more comfortable if I left him something to play with and then sort of backed off and let him have some space. He seemed really into my hat, so I laid it down and let him check it out. Then I put him in a burlap sack and carried him back to the ship.
(I had some yahoo in a parenting chat group tell me this isn't how adoptions are supposed to work. She said this seemed more like a kidnapping and she was going to try to get the authorities to trace my IP address. Whatever lady. Trolls gonna troll I guess. I mean look, if someone wanted him I don't think he'd be out wandering the jungle unsupervised. Duh. Also I heard he was one of seven siblings who had faced homelessness and a house fire, so I'm totally doing this family a solid.)
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