Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fool's! - It Snowed Last Night.

As a professional clown, my son expects something for April Fools.

I laid the groundwork for this pretty early in the morning.

I got AA up for his shower, and said in passing, you have to wear your boots today, it snowed.

I didn't make a big deal out of it, or tell him school was cancelled.  He would have suspected something.

While eating breakfast: "Don't forget your big jacket.  It's cold out."

Making plans for after school:  "I thought we'd go bike riding, but the playground will be a mess because of the snow."

After his shower, we were rushing around to dry his hair, get ready for school.
My wife (not in the loop) says, "He doesn't need to dry his hair!"
Me, "Yes he does.  Snowed last night.  Inch on the ground."
My wife: "Oh God.  Chicago!"

During his breakfast, he says a little too practiced and nervously. "Miss S. said they extended vacation for an extra week.  April Fools!"

"Not bad, little bear.  Pretty good!"

"Dad, what's your April fools joke?"

"I don't know yet- I haven't figured it out."

I packed his shoes in his backpack, got his hat ready for him.

Lunch box. Check.
Homework. Check.
Water bottle. Check.
Toothbrushing... uh oh!

Gave him the 30 second brush (have to remember to do a stronger brushing tonight!)

We walk out of the door to the bus stop (right across the street) one minute early.

I got him!

After this (and you can see it in his face) he's actually kind of upset, because he's wearing his heavy jacket and boots.  They will probably have outdoor recess.  His shoes are already packed for him, but his jacket-he wants his lighter jacket.

I didn't think of that. We run inside to get it.  I am not a monster!

We come back out, and the BUS is already there, we dash across the street, and he makes it on just before the bus takes off!  (If he hadn't, the joke would have been on me, then!)

Another successful April Fool's!

Meanwhile, I go back inside, and my wife says, "I looked outside, and it didn't snow."

I know, honey.  I know.

What was your April 1 prank?

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Unknown said...

That was great! My high school-aged daughter's friend called her this morning to say that school was cancelled because of a gas leak. She fell for it and missed the bus. Pretty funny except that I had to pay for that prank by driving my daughter to school!