Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Disney Infinity Sets-- Star Wars! Inside Out!

My son has been going crazy for Disney Infinity.  First we had to get it.  So for Chanukkah last year we got Infinity 2.0.  Then we had to get all the Avengers guys. When we got a lot of Avengers, he suddenly changed focus.  Then it was Spiderman.  Then he wanted the Lone Ranger, so we got it.  But that means that we had to find a Disney 1.0 game (because 2.0 (which plays the Avengers/Marvel guys won't play the 1.0 playsets)  So we found 1.0 on ebay, and he was happy for a brief moment.  Then he was on to the Incredibles (still 1.0.)

Just to be clear from above-- all characters will play in the ToyBox area.  It's just the specialized adventures (playsets) that require specific versions of the game, depending on when they came out.

Now if he isn't playing Disney Infinity, he's watching videos of guys like Stampy Cat playing Minecraft or Disney Infinity (or his newest obsession Terraria.)

I just got two press releases in the last few days announcing playsets for Disney Infinity 3.0 timed to the release of two new Disney movies, Inside Out and the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens releases.

If I were a Magic 8 Ball I'd be pointing to the message "All Signs Point To Yes."

Inside Out, which you probably already know is a movie about emotions inside a young girl named Riley, will have a number of emotion/characters with special powers.  The characters (Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness) will each have special powers related to their emotion.

In the game, players will have to find Riley's displaced memories and return them to their rightful place, while battling Broccoli, swamp creatures, and all other kinds of things running rampant through Riley's imagination.

Star Wars will have 3 separate play sets that come out, including Twilight of the Republic (set in the latter part of the Clone Wars) Rise Against The Empire, and (of course) The Force Awakens.  I've only seen the photos for Twilight of the Republic, but they look awesome.  If they are any indication, I already know what's charting top of the Birthday/Chanukkah Wish List this year!

Here is a screenshot from Star Wars Twilight of the Republic:

And here are the actual figures:

Here's the figures from "Inside Out":

And here's the promo video for the Inside Out Playset:

Overall, this looks like it will be a must get for this year.

What do you think?

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