Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I'm Having Domestic Problems

The offending "light" switch
I've been having domestic problems lately.

No, not the kind where somebody has to sleep on the couch.  That area is relatively quiet lately (knock wood)

And not the kind where you have to fire somebody for stealing.

The problems I've been having have to do with appliances.

Last week, I could not get the dishwasher to turn on.  I thought it was a fuse at first, but no circuits were blown.  I looked for a reset button, I set and reset the GCI buttons in the kitchen.  No love.  So, it's got to be something.

I call the dishwasher company.  It's probably $350 to replace the dishwasher.  Sounds to them like a blown motherboard.  Our dishwasher is from 2007, out of warranty, and a brand new one is $600.  We were like "Okay, let's get a new one!"

So we go to ABT  (the giant appliance store in Glen View that has EVERYTHING, including that $125,000 television for when you win the lottery.)  We spent about 40 minutes with an incredibly knowledgable salesman (and that's why you go to ABT-- these guys really know their stuff.  Unlike many of the employees at your local Giant Hardware store (if you can find a guy there)  Also, if you have good credit, they have 0% financing, which is preferable for us.

Anyway, he tells us all about our dishwasher, and how we've been washing dishes wrong for years. I'll have to write a separate post on this.

We settle on a dishwasher, and while we are there, take a look at refrigerators.

We'd had a fridge come with our place, but it was a side by side, which is not ideal.  My wife has been coveting a French door refrigerator with a bottom freezer (like we had in Yonkers)

Long story short, we got a great deal on the fridge, and 0% financing as well.

Domestic bliss right?  Think again!

They couldn't deliver for a few days, so we were washing dishes by hand.

The new dishwasher- ALMOST in place
Two days before they are set to arrive, the electrician comes over to pick up his check.  I mention that my dishwasher is being replaced.  He says, let me take a look.  Then he says, what does this switch do? I thought it turned on some under-cabinet lights that we never used.

 It turns out, it turns on the dishwasher!  Why there is a light switch that is not clearly marked that turns on the dishwasher-- well, let us say I was non-plussed.  With a LOT of swearing.

So now we've got a dishwasher coming the next day, and we don't really need it.  After a long discussion, I succumb to my wife's point of view that all of our appliances will be new-- let's just bite the bullet.

Finally the day comes for delivery.  They show up just as I'm about to take my son to gymnastics.  No problem, my wife is home, so she takes over the delivery.  When I get back, it turns out that our new dishwasher can't be connected.  The electrical connection is in the wrong place.  It needs to be moved and/or replaced with a flexible electrical connection.

So I call the electrician.  He can come on Wednesday (that's today) to fix the electric.

We had to clean out the hallways so that they could get the fridge in the door (and take the old fridge and put it downstairs.  So my office and our bedroom are full of all the things that used to be in the hallways (a bench for shoes, random umbrella stands, some shelves, the circus ring.  You know, the usual!)

Dirty dishes
In the meantime, my wife goes to NY on business, leaving me a full load of dirty dishes to clean (we hadn't done them, because we thought the dishwasher would be installed by then.)

 I fill up the sinks to clean the dishes.  But when I drain the sinks, there is a terrible rushing sound underneath-- the dishwasher out valve has not been connected to the garbage disposal! There is all sorts of water under the sink!  I clean that out.

So now we have our old fridge downstairs, and our old dishwasher (which works perfectly, and is on Craig's List.)  If you mention this blogpost when purchasing the dishwasher, you can get $25 off!

We've got our new fridge upstairs, which is pretty nice, and a non-working dishwasher waiting to be installed.  I'm pretty happy with the new fridge, and very happy that we have a fridge downstairs (in our previous home, we had an extra fridge AND a standup freezer)

We probably should have left well enough alone and not gotten a new dishwasher.  It would have been a LOT less expensive.

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