Thursday, September 10, 2015

The End of the Barbecue Season

It's coming on to the end of the barbecue season, and I've barely even started!  I need to squeeze in some more barbecuing!  And I have just the tools to make it so.

A couple of weeks ago, Dove Men+Care asked me if they could send me a gift.  I said sure!  (Because, truthfully, I can't think of the last time I said no to a gift. And even though my birthday is not until October, what the heck.)

Apparently  they were sending some of their favorite family/dad bloggers stuff, with the hopes that they could use them to help make family time fun time.  (and write about it of course)  I'm happy to oblige, because I think Dove Men+Care is a great brand (I've written about them many times before)  I feel like they are genuinely committed to dad's issues, men's issues, and as I wrote in my summary of the last Dad 2.0 conference, I feel that they are on the side of the angels. So consider that the official disclosure:  I received some free products from Dove in hopes I would write about them.  And I am.

  I know that some other bloggers got different things. I ended up with something that worked out just right for me-- a barbecue set!   A set of very professional tools, an apron, and most importantly, an electronic/wireless thermometer, something I'd been eying for a while.  (A friend of mine who is turning his penchant for smoked meats from an avocation to a vocation showed me his, and I coveted.  Now I have one!)

In addition to the barbecue set, they also sent me some hair care products, and asked me to tell them how the haircare products make my life better.

The top of my head.  Now you know why
I often wear a hat.
Now, as most of you know, I have plenty of hair, just most of it has migrated from the top of my head to my back and chest. And I've still got some product that they gave me from a previous promotion!  So I donated the product they gave me to my favorite local charity (Care For Real).  Because realistically, I don't have enough hair to use styling gel (well I do, but am not interested in styling my back hair!)

I trust that the hair care products they sent (including the very cool sounding Oxygen Charge Shampoo) are making somebody's life a lot cleaner.  Who knows, that donation may have helped somebody clean up to get a job, and build the economy.  Or maybe not.

Either way, the world is still a cleaner, better place, and it's thanks to Dove Men+ Care.

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