Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's Chicago. Cast Your Votes today! It's the Horse-trading election.

Today is the Illinois primary elections.


If I had my way, it would be mandatory to vote, just like health care. If you are 18 and DON'T vote, you get a fine.

It's not that I have so much faith and trust in my fellow citizens (I truly don't), but part of living in a democracy is voting, and those that don't vote are letting special interest people own the vote.  If voting were mandatory, many currently elected people would have their feet in the fire more often about the decisions they sell/trade with their fellow politicians in order to get stuff done.

And personally, I understand that politics is horse-trading with the law combined.  I just want them to be honest about it, and show us what they traded for on our behalf.

As you may have deduced, I'm on the liberal side of things.  I'd be okay with Bernie or Hilary as President. I'm probably closer to Bernie in beliefs, but it seems to me that Hilary will be a much  better horse trader.  She's not as constrained by her unwavering views.

The guys on the other side (with the exception of Kasich, who has no shot) are loudmouth bullies, the guys in school who steal kids lunch money.  And Donald Drumpf is the ringleader.

Based on this analogy, Bernie is that good kid who always ran the projector for the students, and Hilary was the valedictorian/class president.

It's the part she was born to play!

So vote early, vote often, but VOTE.


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