Friday, April 1, 2016

National Poetry Month: "Under Mounting Pressure" By James Tate

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I am sharing some of my favorite poems via  Periscope/Youtube.

I'm not going to promise to do it everyday, but my plan is to share as many poems as I can this month by doing a Periscope of me reading the poem, and then adding it to Youtube/this blog for posterity.

I will post them here on occasion, and eventually will archive them all here on this blog, but if you want to follow along, you can follow me on Periscope here:  or via my youtube playlist:  NATIONAL POETRY MONTH PLAYLIST

I'm a big fan of poetry, and I hope this gets people to read, write, and appreciate more of it.

Hope you enjoy the series!

The first one in the series is a poem by James Tate, one of my favorite poets/authors.  His work and choice of words is absurdist, but he paints pictures and situations that make you laugh and think at the same time.  Which is all I can ask for in a poem.

This poem comes from an excellent volume called Distance From Loved Ones. (see link to Amazon below)  There are a lot of great poems in this volume, but this one is one of my favorites.

I apologize in advance for the video-- I have to hold the camera a little bit further away, and I'm reading the poem, not reciting it from memory.

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