Friday, May 6, 2016

May the Sith Be With You! - The Evil Star Wars Day

A couple of days ago was May 4, which seems to have universally been picked up by Star Wars aficionados (as well as electronics and comic book stores everywhere, not to mention the President) as Star Wars Day.

Here's a list of all the deals that happened on May 4:

How Star Wars day started is chronicled in a very interesting article on the Verge.

It was originally a fan-based event that people lauded for its cleverness.  Once Disney bought Star Wars, they cemented the day as a commercial holiday and then it has been co-opted and completely embraced by our culture.  What's next?  Red Wedding Day? Vote Off The Island Day?  Celebrity Apprentice Day?  (my deep fear is that will make it into Trump's 100 day plan!)

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"May The Fourth Be With You"

Not sure why devotees of the Dark Side haven't taken May 6 as their alternative holiday.  The pun is about the same.

Force is to fourth as Sith is to sixth.

In case you were wondering (and you somehow haven't absorbed this information) The Sith are the villains in the Star Wars saga.  It wasn't quite spelled out in the first couple of movies, but the Star Wars legend and lore (as well as the very complete website) make it clear.



An ancient order of Force-wielders devoted to the dark side, the Sith practice hate, deception, and greed. Notable for their red-bladed lightsabers, black dress, and use of their aggressive feelings, the Sith look to amass power at all costs. The evil Darth Sidious, along with his apprentice Darth Vader, achieved the Sith goal of galactic conquest after a millennia of plotting.

Practicing hate, deception, and greed.  Sounds like a corporate American holiday to me!

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