Sunday, July 10, 2016

Violence is a Disease.

Game of Thrones has it right:  

"Violence is a Disease. You don't cure it by spreading it to more people."

Of course, that's said on one of the most violent shows on television.  So there's a fair bit of irony in that.

Ian McShane plays a former soldier turned septum who has renounced violence.  He tries to take one of the most feared warriors (Sandor Cleggane, the Hound) into giving up his sword.  Sadly, things happen, and the Hound picks up a new weapon of mass destruction (the axe)

McShane is wonderful in this part, but of course is doomed.  In Game of Thrones, pacifism is not an option.

I'm hoping that in real life as we know it today, we have more of an option.

With the recent murders (cops killing suspects, terrorists killing cops) we are at a very tense point.  We need to ease the pressure down.  Nothing will be solved by amping up the weaponry and the violence.

There is no doubt that #BLACKLIVESMATTER, but violent revolution is not the answer.

Here's a link to the scene from which the quote is taken:  Watch the whole video if you want to see Ian McShane's rise (and fall) on Game of Thrones.

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