Monday, November 7, 2016

My week of living medically

The last week or so has been chockful of doctor appointments.

We have hit our deductible for the year, so anything I need to have done, I better start working on it now!

Here's what I had done in the last 10 days:

1) Just before Halloween I had oral surgery to add some bone to my gum line, where I have been losing bone.

2) The day after Halloween, I had a nose surgery.  The docs had done a biopsy before and detected early basal skin cancer.  They excised it from my nose.  10 stitches to the nose.

Me and my nose wound. You should see the other guy!
3) The day after that I had to have my wound checked at the dermatologist.

4) The next day I met with the sleep doctor to see if I need a sleep study to evaluate my use of the CPAP.  I haven't met with a sleep doctor since I lived in NY. I do need a sleep study.

5) The Day after that I was back at the periodontist to have the stitches taken out of my mouth.  We'll see in a couple of months if I get any bone growth.

6) The day after that was another wound check on my nose.  It was hurting a little and I was afraid it was infected.  There was a tiny bit of pus-- oh is this too much information?
Anyway, the doctor says it seems okay.

7) The day after that I had to prep for my long neglected colonoscopy, that you are supposed to get when you are fifty.  (I am 52!)  The prep for that is simply wonderful, if you like swigging salty pee-flavored water that gives you diarrhea and you enjoy not eating for a day and a half. Here's the kind of joy you can expect.

8) The day after that I had the aforementioned colonoscopy, which was less painless thn I expected.  The most painful thing was that they had the wrong blood pressure cuff and they could only fit it on my forearm, which hurt a lot when it squeezed me.

(Fortunately, all was good on the colonoscopy, I have to go back in 5 years.  Oh joy!)

9) Tomorrow I get the stitches out in my nose.

10) Next week I go for the sleep study. That means getting all wired up, probably shaving some portions of my chest hair in various non-goodlooking places, and being woken up every 1.5 hours by the sleep tech.

Fun, Fun, Fun, 'til Daddy breaks a metatarsal fibia!

If you've got any other ideas for other tests I should get done while I have my deductible paid, I am all ears.  (And no, they don't hurt a bit!  At least, not yet.)

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