Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dad 2.0- San Diego

Just some of the great sponsors of Dad 2.0
I just arrived in San Diego for the 6th annual Dad 2.0 Summit.  I've written about this event a number of times before SEE THOSE HERE.  It's a conference for dads who write and blog.

The first event was a fantastic Drone Experience (sponsored by Best Buy and DJI (makers of the drones)  I missed the one last year, so was determined to make this one (and I did)

I did a pretty good job of flying the drones.  These things are around $1000-$1500, so they are not that entry level, but they hover like a charm, are super heavy duty, and their photography is awesome!

I'm enrolled in a contest to win one, so I'm hoping that I do!

- here's a little video of me flying the drone like a BOSS!  ---

 Anway I got to talking to a first time Dad 2.0 Summit goer.  He's a guy who has a huge following (600K on Youtube, and he vlogs 4 times a week, does lots of brand stuff, etc.) He's based here in San Diego, heard about the conference, and showed up.  He asked me what I like about the conference, and I thought it was worthwhile to repeat this.

I appreciate of course,  meeting brands, and hopefully getting some business.  But for me, that's not why I come.  As a stay-at-home dad (or a "write at home" dad)  I don't have a lot of opportunity to meet colleagues.  I meet a lot of other dads, but most of them are working. I meet a lot of moms, but they aren't men who are primary caregivers.

At this point, 6 years in, I love to come to Dad 2.0 to meet with my community.  I see them online, but having a face to face interaction is just so much better.

The conference will go on for 3 days, and will feature a fair amount of brands, but also talks, and panels, and other moments about how to be a better blogger, how to be a better dad, and how to be a better person.  I'm going to soak it all in, and drink beer with my colleagues.

While I'm here, I want to thank the sponsors of Dad 2.0, without which this conference would be vastly unaffordable for me. Please look kindly on these guys, who are supportive of the dad blogging community.

Check out their twitters (in the photo to the right, and follow them as a good deed.)

They deserve it.

Okay, got to go downstairs and commune with the Dads!

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