Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Want to wish you all a very happy Father's day!

My son gave me a very nice Father's Day Card. It's a nesting card, with 5 different panels, that are supposed to be all about me. Clearly done at school, but fun.  A few days ago he was asking me about my favorite movie, my favorite color, and my favorite foods, so I kind of thought this might be where this was heading.

Still it paints a strange picture of me as a bird-hating, bird killing Diet coke drinking clown/fiend of indeterminate weight who desires a moped, eats pizza all the time, has high brow taste in movies, wants to win the lottery, and lets his son speedskate and go to camp.

Except for the bird-killing part, he's kind of got me down!

I decided to do this now for my dad, for when I was 8. (that would be Father's Day 1972, which happens to be the first "Official Father's Day" in April of that year when Nixon signed Public Law 92-278 in April.  ) The day was Sunday June 18, 1972, just like this year!

Here's mine about my dad at that time:  (along with my son's answers for reference)


NAME: Alan
AGE:  34 (He turned 35 Aug 1, 1972)
HEIGHT: 6'1"

FOOD: Chinese food
DRINK: Gingerale
MOVIE: The Sting
SPORTS: Watching Baseball
CHORE: Going to work

I know you want to travel and play bridge.  I know you want to go to Disneyworld.  I know you want me to work with my head and not my hands.  I know you want me to mow the lawn.

I know you don't like insects.  I know you want to have a dog.  I know you don't want to mow the lawn. I know you don't like to argue with Mom.


1. You are really smart and good at math.
2. You play games with me.
3. You like to tell funny jokes
4. You share your candy with me.
5. You are very generous to other people.

I Love you, Dad!

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