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National Donut Day 2017!

There are many more holidays and commemorative days than I had growing up.  Sure we have Christmas and Fourth of July and Chanukkah and all of the religious holidays. And Memorial Day. But then National Secretary's Day came into the forefront. Then National Take your kid to work day.  My cousin even started his own, Dinner Day, when you should have dinner with a neighbor that you don't know that well!  (and it's made into a state commemorative holiday in Pennsylvania!)

Well, one of these unofficial holidays since 1938 is tomorrow, and this one is near and dear to my heart.  Tomorrow, June 2, is National Donut Day.

Salvation Army Doughnut Lasses.  (photo courtesy Salvation Army)
First started in 1938, the first Friday in June commemorates the Doughnut Lassies, brave young women who were part of the Salvation Army's mission to provide emotional and spiritual support to our troops during World War I.

A vat of Salvation army donuts.  For the recipe, look below.
Exactly 100 years ago, over 250 volunteers went to France to help.  They lived in huts near the frontlines and were there to provide clothing, food, and support for the soldiers.

Because of rationing and the conditions of the huts, it was difficult to make baked goods for the soldiers, but some clever volunteers of the Salvation Army (Ensign Margaret Sheldon and Adjutant Helen Purviance ) came up with the idea of frying donuts (7 at a time) in soldier's helmets.  The soldiers loved them, it became a big thing, and the soldiers ended up with a new nickname (doughboys).  One can probably trace this as the beginning of  the American love affair with the donut.

In the Chicagoland area, National Donut Day means some delicious and tasty snacks are for people who aren't soldiers also.  And it gives an opportunity to perhaps give back a little also!

A dozen of Glazed and Infused's finest 
GLAZED AND INFUSED:  As an official partner of the Salvation Army, they are donating 50% of all of the sales of the "Salvation Army Donut", a Vanilla bean glazed with The Salvation Army colored sprinkles.  They are $3.00 each or $30 for 12.  You can stop by any of their 5 city locations tomorrow, and if you act quickly, you can even order a donut delivery for your office!

JEWEL/OSCO:  The Salvation Army will also be at Jewel Osco tomorrow and Saturday collecting donations.  Anyone who donates will get a coupon for two free Clyde's donuts, which are sold in store. Visit the link to see times and specific locations

STAN'S DONUTS:  You get a free donut with any purchase!

DUNKIN' DONUTS:  You can get a free classic donut with the purchase of a drink (while supplies last.

KRISPY KREME: There are only two locations in the Chicagoland area (Elk Grove in the North adn Homewood in the South.  But if you live near there, you can grab a free donut with no purchase necessary!

Some of Clyde's donuts available
 for free at Jewel/Osco
BRIDGEVIEW BANK:  While not specifically about National Donut day, the first Friday of each month is free donut day at Bridgeview bank.  Donut day 12 times a year!  They give away Stan's Donuts, coffee, and even some free financial advice!

DORITE DONUTS:  They don't have anything listed on their website as a special, but their donuts are awesome.  I queried them in case they add something last minute.

FIRECAKES DONUTS:  Another great donut shop that may or may not have something special for #donutday.  But you should definitely check them out.

DONUT DELIGHT: I've never been here, but I hear its' amazing.  As far as I know, they don't have any specials for tomorrow.

DOUGHNUT VAULT:  I don't know about these guys either, but wanted to list them as well, because you can never have too many artisanal donut listings in one blogpost! UPDATE: They will be featuring their most popular special: salted caramel old fashioned.  Sounds delicious!

If you are feeling more in an artisan DIY frame of mind., check out a couple of these links:

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And if you'd like to read even more about Donut Day, check out the Salvation Army Page

Happy Donut Day!  Let me know how you celebrated in the comments!

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