Friday, August 31, 2018

Designer John Massey: Art Design Chicago

There's a great public art exhibit/design commemoration happening this month. Of course, I just found out about it after the actual exhibit is about to end (It ends today!)
Photos (cropped) from the Art Design Chicago press release about the exhibit.

John Massey was a young designer 50 years ago, and had been chaperoning some Swiss designers and was blown away by their work.  He decided to do something similar to what they were doing for the city of Chicago. It was a big success.

This month, thanks to Art Design Chicago, downtown has been alive again with Massey’s designs – this time on State Street between Congress Parkway and Wacker Drive. The installation is the result of a partnership between the Terra Foundation for American Art, Chicago Loop Alliance (CLA), and the Chicago Design Museum.

The exhibit ends today, so get down on State Street and check it out!

As well, Art Design Chicago produced a great video where Massey talks about his work and what has moved him to do it for all these years.  Two quotes that I love from the video:

"Design is not a local situation.  It's everywhere.  It's all around us."

“What we refer to today as art, and what we refer to as design, is just a natural extension of the human condition.”

Here's the video from the press release: Art Design Chicago:

Hat tip to CityLab for the point out.

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