Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Grant proposals open to RI Schools and Organizations

My mom, Karel Gertsacov
As many of you might know.  My mom was an art teacher.  She taught grades 7-9 in Cranston for many years.  Her specialty as an art teacher was teaching creativity, working with kids who didn't think they were good at art, and giving them confidence that they could do it.  Many times she'd say, "Okay, turn the paper on its side, and look now how interesting your art is!"

A few years before she passed away, she started a fund using the insurance money from my dad's death to start the Arts in Academics Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation, which allows schools, artists, and arts organizations to collaborate on creating innovative programs that combine arts into the academic curriculum.

Since the fund began 15 years ago, it's donated over $40,000 to programming of this type, and the fund has grown an additional 50%.  We've funded creative murals for schools, student written plays about math, the beginning of a materials libary for the art and science department, a kiln for a high school, the beginning of a literary and artistic journal, and much much more.

The fund is administered through the Rhode Island Foundation, which is now taking applications for this year's projects.  Projects should take place between January and December of 2020.

To find out more visit the following

 Arts in Academics Fund page at Rhode Island Foundation.

Website: Artsfound.org

Deadline for application submission is October 25, 2019. Please click here to apply.

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