Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Switch: Take what you are doing in the real world and bring it online.

I'm going to brag a bit on my wife, Stephanie Schwab, right now, who has a great course that she is teaching coming up in a couple of weeks.
 The course is called Switch, and it's a 3-week jumpstart into changing your business from an offline business to an online business.

If you don't know my wife, she's a great person (hey, I married her) but even if she weren't my wife, I'd be recommending her.

Here's Why She's So Great To Teach This Class!

She's an ace digital marketer. She's worked in all phases of marketing, got into digital marketing almost right at the beginning, and this is totally her niche. For the past few years, she's been teaching digital marketing at a number of universities, including Loyola University Chicago, the New School in NY (where she was one of the first all-digital instructors) and at Harbour.space, a high tech digital university in Barcelona and Bangkok, where she is the Director of their Digital Marketing program. She also is the CEO of her own digital marketing agency, Crackerjack Marketing

The thing about her (and this is less of a brag and more straight up facts) is that she's really good at seeing and explaining the next steps that you should be taking for your business. She's quick-witted, sees your possibilities, and knows her stuff when it comes to marketing. She's also really good at creating a collaborative classroom, where all of the students form a cohort and help each other out, and that’s exactly what she’s done with Switch!


 In 3 weeks, you will take what you are currently doing off-line, and figure out (with her help) how to transform it into an online offering: a digital course, a paid webinar, an online workshop, or some other kind of online offering, and it will be strong enough that you will be able to charge money for it.

The course is three weeks long, and each week follows a similar format.

On Monday, the class goes over the plan of what you need to be working on that week, reviews the principles of the work to be done that week, and sets a plan for how to do the work.

On Wednesday, there's a Q and A with the class where you can ask any questions you have about what to do next, and talk about any problems you might be encountering.

On Saturday, there's a work review meeting, where you share with the class what you've been doing, get feedback, from the group, and make adjustments.

There's work to do in between those times to get to the next level. Stephanie estimates 3-5 hours a week additional, more if you need more. Of course, it depends on where you are in your business, how digital-ready your materials are, how comfortable you are with technology, etc.

If you miss a class, the videos are available for review, and everybody in the class gets one free 30 minute consulting call with Stephanie.


What will you learn in Switch?

The course will teach you to do the following:

  • Switch your current offering (course, workshop, speaking, etc.) from whatever you're doing offline and translate it to a digital/virtual format
  • Manage the technologies you need to deliver your program over the internet - and how to use them
  • Effectively conduct trainings/speaking/sessions via Zoom or another video delivery platform
  • Price and package your program for easy sales
  • Create the marketing materials you'll need to promote your program (including landing page, email followup, and social media posts)
  • Organize and deliver your course materials, from free-and-basic, to paid platforms such as Teachable and Podia
  • Launch your program out into the world.

Stephanie even offers a money back guarantee for Switch!
If you do all of the work as planned and participate in the class, and then launch your new program, if you don't make a sale in 30 days, she will refund your tuition.

If you'd like to find out more, I encourage you to check out her website https://pages.stephanieschwab.com/switch/,

Where you'll find lots more information, and a way to sign up.

I hope Stephanie can get to know you, and help you and your business, in Switch!

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