Monday, August 24, 2020

Book Preview: Superhero Science by Cris Johnson

Cris Johnson is an accomplished elementary school assembly presenter.  In pre-pandemic times, Cris typically performed approximately 400 curriculum based school assembly programs across the states and in Canada, using a fast-paced combination of magic, music, audience participation, humor and fun to reinforce his messages and present education in an accessible manner.

When Covid-19 hit, Chris got busy, performing virtual shows and extending one of his shows into a book.  He recently sent me the first three chapters of that book SuperHero Science, and it really succeeds in creating a fun and funny intro to science in a way that kids are bound to enjoy.
Cris at work in one of his shows.

The basic premise is that he presents experiments that attempt to replicate, imitate, or simulate super powers.  Along the way he explains the scientific method, explains the idea of experimentation, and lays out each experiment in a casual yet professional manner.  Each experiment is laid out with the materials required (usually stuff that is around the house), the hypothesis (which, he explains, is a fancy word for educated guess) and any dangers or pitfalls that might require adult supervision (most of them do not, although don't check out parents-- you will be entertained and amazed as well!)  

And when he asks you whether or not the President of the United States may or may not have stolen your bike-- well, look out evil-doers!

Some of the experiments include forays into x-ray vision,  telekinesis, shrinking, invulnerability, and a lot more.  He explains it all in a folksy and slightly goofy way, asking people if they were aliens, how they would know if a hot dog wouldn't fly.

Cris is an experienced and entertaining performer, and that experience shows in his book.  The book is funny, relatable, and accessible to everyone.  Adults and kids alike will enjoy this adventure into science, experimentation, and imagination.  

Who knows, maybe you will even get bitten by a radioactive spider!  (My understanding from Cris is that radioactive spiders are not included with the book purchase.)

Superhero Science will be available in September 2020.  To find out more, visit Cris's website:

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