Saturday, May 29, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

  • Today's the day that we find out everything! More likely, today's the day that we discover that there are no answers. #LOST #

  • My favorite ad campaign (Mac/PC) officially comes to a close. Sadness abounds. #

  • RT @stephanies: Grandma didn't diaper properly, ended up with Aa stepping in poop. You'd think after 3 kids/3 grandkids....#grandmafail #

  • RT @wachendorfia: Hot hardworking young dad falls for much older flabby broke boozy loud vomiting chainsmoking woman? Why Not? CrazyHeart... #

  • Modern Media Man Summit in Atlanta Sept 9-11. Accepting speaker proposals. Speakers, not sneakers! #m3summit #

  • New dadapalooza Blog post: The Lost Dads of Lost #

  • On the plane homeward bound. My vacation was more relaxing than I expected. #

  • RT @tessasdad: Tuesday's 10 - Books for and by Dads - #

  • Suspended Over Naughty Words, Teacher Wins Ruling - - "Two Yiddishisms for the male sexual organ" -I *think* I know. #

  • Up at 4 am with the kid. My wife's shoulder is hurt, so I've been doing the lion's share. My respect for single moms and dads increases. #

  • He woke up on the bad side of the car seat this morning. Or maybe he's just hungry. I'm feeding him AND cuddling him, just in case. #

  • Boy Stops Worshipping Dad At Record Age Of 3,17499/ #

  • HOORAY I'm finally a mayor on foursquare. I promise to use #

  • My power for good, not evil ( that minor disruption was me quashing a rebellion) #foursquare #

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