Sunday, June 6, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

  • RT @TravSD: on Monday Night Magic: #

  • Had the traditional Mem Day BBQ at a Southern BBQ roadside stand in CT on the way home. Surprisingly good! #

  • Manilness quota filled today: •Took lawnmower to be fixed. • Dealt w/ dead squirrel in garage •Mowed lawn w/ weedwhacker. Must eat quiche! #

  • Amazon Deals: COMPLETE WIRE FOR $90!
    & the Complete SHIELD FOR $87.50! #tv #wire #shield #

  • RT @dada_rocks: RT @MetroplexBaby: From grizzly to gorgeous: nominate a Dad in DFW for a makeover/prizes/TV spot: #

  • RT @tessasdad: RT @rjfrasca: 23 Strange Toilets from Around the World - IMPORTANT STUFF! #

  • Roasted broccoli in the oven for the bear. Normally I'd steam for him-- but he's not much into broccoli lately. Maybe this will entice... #

  • My big toe is killing me. Not sure if I dropped something on it, have gout, or arthritis, but it hurts like the proverbial motherf-cker. #

  • Big news today: The boy made a pee in the potty! Without any coaching, either! Maybe he IS a genius! #

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