Monday, June 21, 2010

New Dad Blog: The Angry SAHD

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A friend of mine, Josh Kross, has a new blog

He's just starting out, and what I think is great about his blog is that it has a real "Tell it like it is" feel.

A lot of Dad blogs are filled with the wonder of it all, and for good reason.  Being a dad is a lot of fun, and there is a sense of wonder-- bringing a life into the world, the amazement of your child as he learns stuff, etc. etc etc.  (insert Hallmark moments here!)

But there are downsides too-- it's not all sunshine and flowers.  Blowout diapers. Kids misbehaving.  Visits to the emergency room.  Dads losing their cool.   Josh looks to be exploring that darker side of being a dad in a funny and exciting way.

You should read him:

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