Sunday, June 20, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • RT @dada_rocks: Love the Irony of BP having this sign at their gas stations... [yesterdays tweet] #

  • Celtics looking great at the beginning of the second quarter. #nba #finals #celtics #

  • Paul Pierce is shooting the lights out of the stadium #nba #celtics #finals #

  • RT @momomatics: RT @JimGaffigan: Today my 4 year old son told me I was fat. I just said, "Oh yeah? Well, I slept with your mother". #

  • No, *I* want to win a @Jabra_US Cruiser from @dada_rocks #

  • RT @kafclown: Great NYTimes article about how being a good dad is macho in Sweden-- #

  • My wife has joined the Dobss Ferrian Knitting group. It sounds a little too close to Branch Davidian for comfort. :o) #

  • Shout out to NYC Dad's Group- who are in USAToday. I didn't go that day, much to the dismay of personal aggrandizement! #

  • The little bear and I are featured in Time Out NYs Gallery of Hunky Papas and their kids. Go figure! (We're #42 #

  • RT @kafclown: One of the best bloggers on personal finance (Trent Hamm, The Simple Dollar @trenttsd ) has a new book! #

  • So when is the next Celtics game? #

  • NYTimes: Hummus Catches On in America (as Long as It’s Flavored) #

  • NYTimes: Paternal Bonds, Special and Strange "I have 3 kids" "Oh yeah? I have 4!" #

  • He went to sleep a lot earlier than normal. I think it's because he's been feeling better, so he ran around all day, and it tired him out. #

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