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Potato Needs a Bath! (through April 24 at the New Victory, NYC)

[caption id="attachment_276" align="alignleft" width="228" caption="Potato Needs a Bath by Shonna Reppe (April 8-24 at the New Victory Theater)"]Potato Needs a Bath[/caption]

Although the New Victory Theater is rightly praised for the elaborate restoration of their beautiful theatre, less is generally said about another very important part of the New Victory organization. They also operate the New 42nd Street Studios, which features 14 studios and a 199 seat theatre; offices and rehearsal space for five non-profit theatre and dance groups. The building, which was completed in early 2000, was recently selected by New York Magazine as a leading work of architecture that best defines New York City.


The great thing about New 42nd Street Studios is that it also gives the New Vic the opportunity to present work that doesn't fit into its larger and traditional proscenium space. On Saturday, AA and I are planning on attending one of those shows-- a delightful show from Scotland called Potato Needs A Bath.

I say delightful, although I haven't seen the show yet, because

  • I've seen the video (below)

  • I've read the ace reviews, (for the most recent, check out Time Out NY Kids,)

  • I've seen the photographs (VIEW SLIDESHOW)

  • As a guy who has also performed with Vegetables , I can tell!
    (click the more button at the bottom of this post to find out more about that show)

[caption id="attachment_281" align="alignright" width="140" caption="Shonna Reppe, the delightful storyteller/puppeteer/vegetable manipulator"][/caption]

You can see from the video that the performer (Shonna Reppe, who has travelled the world with her original puppet shows) is engaging and delightful, and that this is the kind of show that needs an intimate and small stage, like the kind that the New 42nd Street Studios provide.  The show is designed for kids ages 2-5, but based on the video, the photographs, and the reviews, I expect to be equally entranced.  I'll report back after we see the show!

Find out more about Shonna Reppe's work.
The show runs through April 24, and tickets are available at the New Victory Theater website.


one of my short/arty puppet shows from my show The Puppet Tragedies is the Vegetable MacBeth, where I cast and enact Shakespeare's tragedy using vegetables (Lady M is an artichoke, Duncan is a large tomato, and his soldiers are cherry tomatoes, and yes, the Scotsman is in fact a potato. Perhaps I should have titled it Mr. Potato Needs a Blood Bath?  At the end of the show, I juice the cast and drink them!) Other shows in this series include The Barbie Oedipus, A Short Day's Journey Into Night, Le Poisson Rouge Tragique, and the 30 second Glass Menagerie.  Strangely, I don't seem to have any photos of this show.
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