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Dad 2.0 Summit March 8-10 in Austin- List of Topics.

I'm attending Dad 2 AlsoIf you are reading this blogpost, you probably already know all about Dad bloggers and the Dad2 Summit in Austin.  If somehow you discovered this post in some bizarre way, and it has escaped you so far, let me fill you in.

There have been lots of Mom blog conferences (esp. Mom2, and Blogher (which is not specifically for moms, but it's pretty big)-- so finally, there is one for the dad-bloggers.  And I'll be there!  (I'm actually going to be there with my wife and child)

You can check out the information at

Here's the recently announced topics that are going to be discussed at the conference:

I haven't figured out which one's I want to go to yet.

Return on Engagement: The Great Debate Over Measuring True Reach
Advertisers in social media measure ROI by engagement and influence, not simply by raw traffic statistics. A cottage industry has evolved around addressing this challenging need, and opinions as to the reliability of statistics vary widely. To what extent can we depend on measurement systems, and to what degree will brands rely on them to quantify their investments? And how can these companies measure reach without influencing it?Embrace the Longview
Newer members of the parent blogging community might not remember that long-ago era when Ree Drummond was just some mom in Oklahoma. It took time, creativity, and diligence to convince brands to invest in mom blogs, and our panelists were there, making it happen. They’ll discuss how, in many ways, dad bloggers are on a parallel track, and how commitment and vision can overcome the stiffest barriers to entry.Entrepreneurs’ Round Table
Starting and growing an online business can be thrilling and exciting, whether you are selling advertising space, services, or products. If you’re taking your approach to entrepreneurship more seriously, our panel of leading venture experts will walk through the decisions behind their successes and help you find the right path toward yours.Know Your Audience: Gender Politics, Role Reversals, and What Men Read
The population of online dads is growing, but the vast majority of parent bloggers–and parent blog readers–are moms. Our panel will discuss the blurring of gender roles in parenting, the opportunities and limitations of being a man writing for a predominantly female audience, and how dad bloggers can grow their male readership.

Masculinity and the Freedom to Self-Define
It’s a new world, with new rules, new modes of masculinity, and new definitions of fatherhood. Boys need strong male role models, but how can men proactively fulfill that role without a clear definition of what true manhood is? This panel will discuss how a father can interpret current definitions and decipher the lessons of his own upbringing to determine his own masculine code, and the best way to live up to it.

Dads On Screen: The Evolution of Stereotypes, and How Writing Can Overcome Them
After veering from faultless to hapless, the image of fatherhood finally appears to be swinging back. How have dads, as portrayed in films, TV shows, and advertisements, evolved over the past 30 years? Filmmakers and media critics will weigh in on the gap between perception and reality, and discuss what men can do as writers to influence positive and responsible representation of fatherhood.

The First Rule of Write Club: Write Well
It takes a strong commitment to find your writing voice. And once you find it, how do you differentiate it for different purposes? Our panel of prolific and successful multi-site writers will discuss the challenges of the creative process: developing a writer’s discipline; maintaining consistency and quality; and juggling multiple diverse assignments at once.

Show ‘Em You Mean Business
You’ve worked hard to develop your voice and engage your readers, and you’re ready to forge relationships with brands. Whether pitching or responding to a potential business partner, you need to show marketers what they’re investing in. This panel of seasoned pros, on both sides of the deal, will show you how to create the media kit and sell sheet that will satisfy what brands are looking for.

Pack Mentality: Dads and the Power of Community
Mom bloggers have established themselves as an estimable media force in large part because of the community of friendship and support they’ve created. Dad bloggers can learn a great deal from the moms’ example, and the preponderance of group dad blogs (and the diverse individualism within) suggest great potential. But are we capable of the same type of bonding?

Dads and Technology: Much More Than “Boys With Toys”
Technology affords parents and children unprecedented enjoyment and convenience, but keeping up with the latest gadgetry (and related parental controls) can be a huge challenge. Join our team of technology experts as they discuss the latest trends in gaming, social media, and opportunities to use technology to our parental advantage.

The Myth of the Mancession: The Fundamental Shift in Men’s Roles in the Household
Research shows that the increasing number of primary caregiving dads is not an economy-based blip. Our role in the modern family is fundamentally shifting, and brands are taking notice. Our panel of analysts will present the results of their exhaustive, granular studies and make the case that Dad’s increased role in parenting and purchasing decisions is here to stay.

Pitching Dads to Brands: Casting A Wider Net
Recently, dad bloggers have experienced a strong tailwind of support, as prominent parenting sites have been hiring more dads and advocating for their inclusion in content campaigns. What is the state of the dad blogger in the Momiverse, and what does Disney’s acquisition of Babble mean for the future? Are dads making inroads, or is the road ahead longer than we think?

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