Friday, January 20, 2012

Scary dad moment

Today was going to be a normal everyday school day.

He was playing and having fun, we were counting buses in the car, and talking about silly things on our way to school.  We hadn't even had our usual fight about what to bring for show and tell, or that he should eat more (he ate two mini pancakes and some cereal)

At the front of the school, it was cold and windy, he let go of my hand, and runs over to go hit the button  to open the doors (he has a bad habit of always wanting to hit the "open door" handicapped buttons at the school).  Just as he reaches out to hit the button, he trips and hits his face directly into the brick wall of the building.

Angel's Vampire FaceHe immediately starts crying, I pick him up and bring him inside. He looks fine-- I take off his hat, and in the middle of his forehead is a huge contusion/goose egg with two little holes. He literally looks like one of the aliens on Star Trek the Next Generation. (Or like Angel when he becomes a vampire on Buffy)

I calm him down, and he's sore and cranky, but not acting weird in anyway. I get some ice from the school, and ice his head down.  (I also use some hydrogen peroxide to clean off the wound)

About 15 minutes later, the swelling has gone down quite a bit, and he's playing and cheerful, and doesn't seem effected by his contusion at all.

The question now is-- do I leave him here to go to school, or do I take him to the doctor?

I spent another 20 minutes at school, and he's pretty normal, so I decided to leave him there, but with instructions to have them call me if he starts acting loopy or anything else.  I am pretty sure it's nothing other than a contusion.

But it sure was a pretty scary moment!

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