Saturday, August 25, 2012

Somebody pooped in the pool

AA has been going to soccer camp this past week while I've been purportedly rehearsing for an upcoming show. (and next week it's the same place, but a sports camp)

He's had a ball, although the first couple of days mornings were pretty rough, because apparently he forgot that he loves playing with kids and was very clingy in the morning.  He has gotten out of the habit of being separated from me, and I guess it shows.  After the first couple of days, he had mere vestiges of clinginess that were soon forgotten as soon as one of his new friends showed up.

Because we are also trying to get in our last bits of summer fun, we've been doing some of the things we love to do, including going swimming.  I took AA swimming a couple of times at night, but he really wanted to go during the daytime, when the other kids who stay at camp later might also be in the pool.  So Wednesday we went with the other kids.  AA got to show off his swimming "skills" to his friend (He's pretty good, but he needs a noodle still, and is kind of reticent about going under for long periods of time.  He's not yet 4 so we cut him some slack.

Until... somebody pooped in the pool.  

At first I thought everybody was getting out because it was time for camp kids to go, but I caught the eye of the lifeguard, who was clear it was time for everyone to get out.

I was afraid it might be my boy, but thankfully it was somebody else's kid-- a kid who was in AA's group, who was a young kid, whose parent was not around to help him.  The camp counselor was, and did a great job.  All the other kids (mostly older-- ie 5 -8) were being kind of cruel, once they figured out which kid it was.  In my capacity as a dad, I told the kids to lay off.  I don't have any authority other than being older and somebody's dad, but I gave them the voice and they calmed down a little.

Boy was I glad I was not a camp counselor on that day!

We took showers, but I don't think anybody else did.  (Their parents weren't around)

I know the kid couldn't help it, and didn't WANT to poop in the pool, and that it's a rare occurrence.  (relatively)  Nevertheless, it made me glad that MOST of the time we are in a quiet free swim, not  a crazy 50 kid free swim.

There's no real moral to this story, other than don't poop in the pool.

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