Thursday, October 4, 2012

Inspired by Maker Faire NY- The Medium Sized Mousetrap

Inspired by two days spent at World Maker Faire NY (one day watching me perform my miniature sized flea circus and hanging out with his mom, and the next day he and I got to go back and build marshmallow shooters and see the LifeSize Mousetrap two more times, plus the Diet Coke/ Mentos Eepybird guys (friends of mine!)

My 4 year old son has decided to build his own Medium Sized Mousetrap.

I've explained to him it will take some time, and that he won't get it all right the first time, and he seems to understand.  (It took Mark Perez of the LifeSize Mousetrap nearly 14 years to get it together.)

Tonight was iteration 1-- and I've attached a little video .  The arm raise is direct from Eepybird.

Of course it could be just a fad, but who knows, in a couple of years he could be performing this at Maker Faire!

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