Friday, October 12, 2012

The New Victory Season- Pretty Darned Great.

I've extolled the virtues of the New Victory Theatre numerous times before-- it's a great and vital resource for exposing your kids to some of the finest theatre, circus, and young audience shows the world has to offer.   If you live in the NY Metropolitan area and have kids or are interested in these kinds of shows, you'd be foolish not to become a subscriber.

This year The New Victory has a great season coming up. I've attached the season  below, which features 16 pretty amazing shows. So far as I can tell, there's not a clunker in the bunch-- they all sound great! To find out more about the individual shows, you can visit the New Victory site (above)

I'll also be reviewing many of the shows either here on Dadapalooza or on my clown blog, so be sure to follow those blogs if you are interested in finding out what I and my son thought about the shows.

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